Being one of the oldest names in the cycling business has taken many years and a lot of hard work. Not to mention more than a few lifetimes of Brooks employees, which is a long and morbid way of saying that from time to time the most important component in our production needs to be replaced. And by this, we mean people. MORE

Now, don't go off your rocker wondering from what material we make our saddles, which of course are made from British cows. We are referring to the people involved in the ongoing custodianship of the various duties that make up Brooks England.
To be in business for a few more centuries we need good people who care. People who want to work for years or even decades, helping us to continue to deliver the best company the public has a right to.
If you consider yourself to be such a person and, maybe even like spending time on a bicycle, we invite you to submit your CV. From time to time we have a vacancy at our English or Italian headquarters. Occasionally we also look for people elsewhere. CLOSE


Please make sure to mention in the application in which country you are willing to work.

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Finance & Administration
Production, Logistics, Operations
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