Length: 260mm

Width: 205mm
Height: 114mm
Weight: 1120g


Back in the 1890’s John Boultbee Brooks developed the first saddles featuring 3 springs, 2 at the rear and 1 at the front. The B73, introduced in the 1935 catalogue, is the only model still featuring this construction. The B73 is similar in shape and dimensions to B66, so it is appropriate for recreational or utility cycling in a fairly upright posture. Please note that some cyclists comment that the B73 has more lateral motion than our other saddles, because of the extra front spring.



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Re-establishing an old Brooks tradition

Written by Jon Bass from USA 6/22/2011

Fantastic saddle! It really makes happy to ride on this and the look is in step with my bike.I was om a Bontrager before and I am now hooked with this,If taken care of it should be my last saddle.Ever,Great ride!

Written by Nick Rider from UK 11/23/2010

I received a brand new B66, in brown, from my father, who already had one on his Superbe. I had suffered from painful riding for many years, increasingly so as my fishing trips increased to 100 miles plus. I went through the range of commonly suggested solutions, with not much luck. This was especially true past the 50 mile mark, gel seats being useless, or in fact a reason for the pain getting worse. In my own experience, i would totally challenge the traditional negative reputation that Brooks saddles have for having a terrible breaking in period. Mine has been a blissful gift which does regular century rides with full fishing kit. It can be a little noisy if i forget to spray some wd40 onto the springs. I proof hide it every month and have had 4 years stirling service. The saddle is still in almost mint condition and i can see it out lasting me by a good few centuries, if the next owner takes rightful care of it. A masterpiece of human ingenuity and a true British classic.

Written by Eric Noel from Canada 9/15/2009

COMMENT > I bought this saddle for my electric cruiser because all of my weight rests on the saddle. After soaking it in baby oil overnight, it only took about 50 miles to become very comfortable - which is not the case with a Masi leather saddle I own. I am impressed by the triple spring suspension (much better than a suspension seatpost). I have gone ahead and ordered a Flyer which I will be installing on a single speed road bike. I intend to dunk it in mineral oil too so that the Honey Brown turns to that deep burgundy colour and the leather gets softer.

NOTE > Glad that it worked for you, but BROOKS does not recommend this process of conditioning the leather.

Written by Rene van Mierlo from UK 8/1/2011

just added the B73 to my Dutch Priest bike
it looks fantastic
the ride is supersedes the looks

Written by Jason Burchell from UK 8/31/2013

I have an old b73 that came on an old Humber sit up and beg. Well, it was dry and dead when I got it. Having treated it many times with thick lavishing amounts of the brooks leather care stuff it kept soaking it all up. In the end I gave up. Just rode the bike. Well, the bikes being sold. The seat is on my new bike. Who would want suspension when you can have a 3 spring. It's amazing.

Written by Ken Taylor from England 8/4/2013

I would like to know if a B73 can be attached to the seat post of a Dahon Vitesse, I believe this is smaller diameter than normal seat posts and my seat post is also kinda plasticy and has a pump inside, but this is rather handy and I would like to keep it if possible. I like my Dahon but it could do with a bit of suspension as it is a really hard ride, I generally ride it on old railway tracks. I realise that my bike obviously isn't designed for this rough treatment. but what seat would you recommend for this folder?

A> The B73 requires an older style seat pillar, which we doubt is available from Dahon, but you will need to check with them about that.  Thaks!


We accept all constructive criticism

Written by karsten heller asmussen from DENMARK 9/7/2009

Q > I recently bought a Pilen Swedish Classic bike. It rolls silently and like a dream, however, the B66 saddle makes a lot of noise during riding, probably coming from the springs and suspension. Is this normal and acceptable?

A > Some squeaking can happen. It is normally due to the rubbing between the leather top and the metal parts, either on the nose or on the back plate. Try to put some Proofide where you believe the squeaking is coming from. 

Written by Robert Pan from USA 5/16/2011

I purchased the B73 honey colored saddle a few weeks ago. I rode my bike with the saddle few miles and really liked how it felt. I ordered some brooks proofide and put it on the saddle as directed; thin film on the top and another application underneath. When I was applying the proofide I noticed that it was getting darker. I let it sit overnight and then buffed it the next day, but the saddle is still dark. It has been over a week and a few more miles since I did this procedure and my saddle has not returned to the original honey color. Although I really like this saddle and I would like to get the original honey color back. Any recommendations?

A> Proofide, or any leather dressing for that matter, will darken the saddle.  

Written by Sean Dicken from United States 11/24/2010

I've recently purchased a honey B66 and a honey B66s from different stores online, and they both came with their own unique idiosyncrasies.

The B66 has a large splotchy dark spot right in the middle of the widest part of the saddle, which seems to go all the way through the leather, as it can be seen on the underside as well. It's not very attractive, and when I apply Proofhide to the saddle, everything gets darker, including the splotchy area, which becomes almost black when damp. Is this normal? Why create a light coloured leather out of a splotchy skin? Also, this saddle's springs have different specularities- The one on the right looks like polished chrome, while the one on the left just looks a dull chrome, or a polished steel. Why wouldn't both springs be made and polished in the same way (I noticed this immediately, having recently polished up a Brooks B66 from 1975)?

The B66s was labeled as such on the package that it shipped in, but it was clearly a B67s (it said so on the imprint on the side of the saddle) with a genuine brooks (made in England) single rail clamp attached to it. Why was this B67s given a clamp and sold to me as a B66s? Is this a new Brooks thing, or is this the bike shop trying to pull a fast one on me?

Also, both saddles were scuffed on the nose and along the rear edge of the top of the leather when they arrived. As they both came from different shops in different parts of the United States, I'm guessing that 'box wear' is normal... Are these all things that I should expect?

A > No, absolutely not. I am afraid you have purchased your saddles from disreputable retailers.  Please consult the Dealers of Excellence portion of this website for the quality retailer nearest you.