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Loyalty Benefits are offered to those who have the patience to take a 20-question survey. These include:
-a free gift posted to you when you place an order on our online shop
-the chance to be selected to test new products
-an annual printed copy the Brooks Bugle

Free gifts could include one of our paper notebooks, a tin of Proofide, a trouser strap or other small products or promotional items. The gift will be at our own discretion, but you are welcome to tell us your preference whenever you place and order.

The log in ID and Password are strictly personal. To receive your free gift when you place an order on our online shop you need to log in. We will include a gift product only if your log-in ID matches the name of the person placing the order. We kindly ask you to respect this policy and not pass your log in ID to other people - it is easy for them to register themselves.

Please take the survey seriously, because we reserve the right to not process the order or block the ID if we realize that the answers are not truthful or the log in ID is misused.

The answers will be used by the Brooks Team to learn more about our customers and the products they need, as well as building a network of cyclists who can occasionally give us feedback on their Brooks Products or test our new development prototypes.

Once you have submitted your questionnaire, you will receive an email with a link to validate your email address and confirm your log in information. The Loyalty Benefits will be effective immediately after you have logged in and will be valid for 1 year. To log in, click on the LOG IN button on the top left corner of any page of our website under the BROOKS logo.

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Brooks Products

Saddles Bags Grips and Tape Clothing Other, please specify

I ride exclusively BROOKS

I ride BROOKS and other saddles. I also ride

I don’t ride BROOKS saddles, I ride the following:

Rucksack / Knapsack / Backpack

Shoulder Bag / Messenger Bag

Briefcase / Laptop Case

Bicycle Panniers / Rack Attached bags

Handlebar Bag

Saddle Bag

Frame Bag

Front Basket

Rear Basket

Other, please specify

YES NO, I don’t own any NO, I did not know Brooks made bags

traditional saddle bags - Challenge, D-Shaped, Glenbrook, etc.

stylish cycle bags – Barbican, Brixton, Islington, Eton, etc.

technical bike bags – Waterproof Travel Bags

NONE, why not?

I like the traditional saddle bags - Challenge, D-Shaped, Glenbrook, etc.

I like the stylish cycle bags – Barbican, Brixton, Islington, Eton, etc.

I like the technical bike bags – Waterproof Travel Bags

less than £ 100 / € 120 / $ 150

£ 100 to £ 200 / € 120 to € 240 / $ 150 to $ 300

£ 200 / € 240 / $ 300 or more

Special Offers


Please note that your height and weight information is required to be considered for testing our products.
Some of our products, in fact, may be designed for different-sized users.

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80 to 100 kg / 175 to 220 lb

100 to 120 kg / 220 to 265 lb

over 120 kg / over 265 lb

less than 160 cm / less than 5'3"

160 to 180 cm / 5'3" to 6'

180 to 200 cm / 6' to 6'7"

over 200 cm / over 6'7"



Not So Much


Online Shop

Bicycle Retailer

NONE, I do not buy online


Chain Reaction Cycles

Harris Cyclery / Sheldon Brown


Modern Bike


Performance Bike



Rose Versand

Universal Cycles

Velo Orange

Wallingford Bike Parts


Other which?

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